Backgammon Studio Heroes
Backgammon Studio Heroes
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Backgammon Studio Heroes
Backgammon Studio Heroes
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Backgammon Studio Heroes
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Welcome !
Please select an alias to use on the server:
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This server can display the page in two modes depending on screen size:
Use mobile view
Use desktop view
This client can be used in two modes depending on player strength.
You can also change these settings later.
Welcome to Backgammon Studio Heroes!
You are now looking at the desktop view of the server that that works best on big screen displays.
On the left hand side you see a list of rooms with the number of users in each room displayed.
For some devices a mobile view is better.
This is the mobile view of the server that should display fine on all devices.
You should see several sections behind this dialog. Start exploring!
For some devices a desktop view is better.
Match format
You can play matches in three different formats on this server:
Competition format:
This is the format you will see on most other online backgammon servers.
Plain backgammon without any extra help from computer evaluation of moves.
BG Studio format:
In this format you will receive feedback from the computer about how well you play.
This can be very educational but also a bit frustrating. Handle with care!
Practice format:
This is similar to the BG Studio format but match performance/result isn't recorded.
You can set it now or set it later from the blinking button.
Find players:
There is a room for each match format to easily find other players with the same preference.
Almost there!
You can figure out things as you go along or you can explore the help section.
Don't hesitate to ask in the chat if you have any questions/problems!
Good luck!
Best regards,
Backgammon Studio
Opponent has paused the clock. Resume when ready.
This is the number of users in this room.
Some rooms show up if there are any entries in it like the 'Incomplete' room.
Not enough players? Click 'Menu/Invitations' to invite your friends!
Next stage
You should soon receive a registration email in your inbox.
Check your spam folder if you don't see any.
You can also try with a different address in case this one has issues.
To avoid a typo in your email copy&paste it from your inbox.
Private database settings
Bookmark position
Edit comment
Poking opponents
Both you and your opponent need to have enabled the 'Allow match poke' email flag.
Sending messages
You can send messages by hitting return in the input field or clicking on the paper plane icon: .
The icon enables you to send emojis without accessing the keyboard
Enter a message or an emoji before you use this icon.
Opponent match preference
Your opponent has a match preference on this setting limiting options.
Reload page
Click reload to update client.
Entering rooms
There are 3 special rooms which allows you to let others know you are interested in playing a certain match format:
The BG Studio, Competition and Practice room.
To enter this room you must select this match format by the same name.
Click on the icon to the left of 'Live matches' (blinking).
This icon will also show your currently selected match format.